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This group is for extremely passionate Democrats and those who are proud of it. We know the only way to stop the madness of the Tea Party is to speak out and do it loudly. We we are NOT is a violent group. Remember. The pen is mightier than the sword! Find your voices, Democrats! But stay within the newsvine CoH. Always. Nothing is worth getting suspended or banned.

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This group is for extreme liberal Democrats who are proud of it. We know the only way to stop the craziness, hate and violence of the Tea Party is to start speaking out loudly. Let's get assertive without being aggressive OR radical. This is a very important time in the US. This is a make or break year. If you want this country to belong to everybody, rather than it being overtaken by the far right, then do something about it, but of course NOT in a violent way. Just wanted to clearify that.

Let's see some action on newsvine WITHOUT geting suspended or banned. In no way am I suggesting that we post nasty articles, seeds or even comments on newsvine. It's not worth it. When it comes to responding to those who hate the left, we can do it in a passionate AND intelligent way while respecting the CoH, politics and ourselves. Most of us know viners who would love to get us banned. Newsvine is a good place to get smarter about all the news, but it's also a good place for us to show others that there are extreme liberals who aren't going to let the tea party rule America.

Remember, the group is mainly for American politcal news, and again, it isn't meant to be radical or militant.


Darrah ( created on 2 / 27 /11 )